Offered Tuesday to Friday

2pm to 6pm

Join us in gratitude giving thanks to our Mother Earth and Spirit Father. Create your own intentional space as we bring your ceremonial cacao service.

Be fully present and open your heart. Experience every moment and each flavor and aroma as well as those around you.

Ground yourself and feel your roots connecting to the nurturing energy of the Earth. Feel free to take your shoes off and place your feet on the ground.

If you wish, set an intention for something you would like to release and offer it to Mother Earth.  Ask her to take it with her deep into her core. Feel the connection with her grow with every sip and bite you take of the sacred cacao which symbolizes the heart of her gifts.

This Ceremonial cacao is Sacred Medicine and it is sourced directly from the Arhuaco tribe of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia. 

This cacao is grown on their ancestral land naturally, just as it has been for centuries. It is grown alongside other medicinal plants and infused with the spirit of the tribe that grows it. 

The Arhuaco believe that they can share the knowledge and teachings of their ancestors through their crops, and that you, while drinking this cacao can tap into their history and the "pensamientos".

This ceremonial cacao is 100% pure natural criollo cacao grown without chemicals, harvested and processed by hand.

- Credit and Source: Origen Cacao, Colombia