pizza on wooden board

Happiness, kindness and gratitude.

Welcome to The Ginger Mule, your  haven for embracing the joy of plant-based cuisine, coffee, and cocktails. Located in the heart of The Heights, Houston, our restaurant is a tranquil oasis, where every dish and sip is crafted with love and kindness.

Our menu is a celebration of Mother Earth's bounty, offering a wide selection of appetizers, delicious entrees, sandwiches, pizzas, salads and more, all thoughtfully created with the intention of nourishing both body and soul. Most of our offerings are gluten-free, ensuring an inclusive dining experience for all. Join us for a cup of ethically sourced coffee, a relaxing cocktail, or a delightful mocktail. We invite you to take part in our Cacao Ceremony, available Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 6pm.  At The Ginger Mule, we're grateful to share the beauty of plant-based living with you in our corner of Houston.